“Thanks so much for the first appointment.  I felt amazing all day yesterday…”

“I very much did enjoy the visit and am feeling pretty good.  The videos for the exercises are a great idea!”

"Thank you so much for the work yesterday. This is the most pain free I’ve been in so long..."

“The appointment went great! My back felt much different after you worked your magic.”

“All I can say is wow. I woke up this morning with NO shoulder pain, and more freedom in my neck and upper back than I have experienced in years.”

“Thank you for listening to every word and the feelings I expressed during my appointment.”

“I was impressed by and appreciated the thoroughness with which you listened to my history and checked out my movements.”

“Loved my appt! Doing my exercises! The videos were very helpful.”

“Even though I am only one day into the exercises, I am seeing tremendous improvement. Thank you for being brilliant!”


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