Blue Sky Chiropractic, LLC is a full-service chiropractic office located in downtown Albuquerque.  At Blue Sky Chiropractic we:

Take the time to listen, so we get to know you and your individual treatment goals

Love to answer questions, explain treatments, and involve you in your care

Use movement screens to see how your body moves as a whole, and to seek out compensation patterns that may be limiting your activities

Retrain movement patterns with simple exercises that you can do at home

Work on decreasing scar tissue and increasing movement in areas of old injury

Work on shoulders, necks, low backs, knees, hips, ankles, elbows, feet, upper backs, and headaches

Offer gentle chiropractic adjustments

Provide cutting-edge sports treatments in a relaxed, non-competitive environment

Are kind, caring, non-judgmental and respectful

Are passionate about helping you stay active

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