an ACHIEVABLE challenge where you CAN SUCCEED

You know you want to eat better, and it sure would be nice to have more energy and increase your activity levels.


  • You’ve signed up for boot camps and then immediately injured yourself

  • You’ve tried cleanses, the Whole 30, keto, paleo, intermittent fasting...and then just ended up with your face in a bag of cookies when the challenge was over

  • You try to stay informed on what to eat and not to eat, but then get overwhelmed with all of the conflicting information out there

  • You’ve joined a gym with the best of intentions, but realize a week later that you hate the gym, and you hate everyone in it

  • You’ve had times where you really stuck to a “diet” but then ultimately “fell off the wagon” and then felt like a total failure

Maybe it’s time to get off the roller coaster.  Very few of us are going to be magazine-model thin, or super-ripped, or competing in the Olympics. Most of us just need to make better food choices and increase our activity levels.

I like the fact that you target how people move. It’s not about how many sit-ups or push-ups a person can do. It’s about whether they can get up off the floor, keep their balance, and just move better overall.


There’s a tendency to want to just dive in the deep end.  To “punish” ourselves into the body we think we should have.  To beat ourselves up with overly aggressive activity. To deny ourselves the pleasure of the foods we enjoy.  

Maybe it’s time we stop forcing unrealistic expectations on ourselves.

Maybe it’s time to stop diving into the deep end.


Let’s just gently wade into the water.  Play in the shallows a bit. Get used to being in the water. Evaluate how we feel at each step. We can walk along at knee-deep level for a while, build our strength, and then, when our confidence has grown, move out up to our waist. We can then spend some time here, getting used to being in the deeper water while our feet are still on the ground.  Finally, we are able to let our feet float up and swim a few strokes before putting our feet down again. We never leave the feeling of safety, and yet we are constantly progressing and growing stronger and more confident.

This is a slow process, but one that builds on a series of small (and achievable) successes. Until, before we know it, we have the habits we need  - to eat foods that nourish us, and to maintain the activities that we enjoy.

Nutrition coaching isn’t about getting people to follow “the rules.” It’s about helping them make more conscious choices. Choices that align with their values, priorities, and goals
— Precision Nutrition


Can you devote 6 weeks to yourself?  To set good habits now - before school starts again, before summer ends, before the days get shorter - and your body just wants to eat a giant meal and hibernate?



  • Participate in a small group fitness class where you will learn HOW to move

  • Class size is limited to 2-4 people and is individualized to YOUR ability level

  • Each class focuses on the basic movement patterns: push, pull, hinge, squat, stabilize

  • Each movement can be scaled down (or up) based on YOUR body

  • You will attend an hour class 2x per week

This exacting emphasis on form was something I had never experienced before in any group fitness class, and I learned that many of the things I believed I would never be capable of doing were attributable to incorrect form: when my form was corrected, the task became easy.
— SP


  • You will participate in an online nutrition class and habit setting program

  • You will commit to doing the homework, watching the videos, and learning how to succeed

  • Every two weeks you’ll have a 15 minute one-to-one telephone strategy session to address YOUR specific challenges

Most of our daily decisions are unconscious. We don’t think about them. We just make them. So our environment strongly shapes what we do, eat, and think about.
— Precision Nutrition

CAN YOU COMMIT to 6 WEEKS of learning the habits that will set you up for success?

This is NOT a weight loss / boot camp / starvation situation.  This is educating you on how to make choices that every day will bring you one step closer toward your ultimate goals.

It’s a fun hour that passes before you know it - with a small group of similarly situated people, for about half the price of a personal trainer.


  • 12 small group fitness classes ($480 value)

  • 6 weeks of access to Precision Nutrition software ($268 value)

Total Value: $748

Because I feel strongly that nutrition and fitness support each other I am going to offer this 6 week challenge for $547 (plus tax).  You’ll also get a cool swag bag when you start. And, more importantly, a few special treats when you complete the challenge! Including a free float at Lumen Spa.


Space is strictly limited to 5 people.

And, if you sign up today I’ll waive the gross receipts tax, saving you an additional $43.


If you’d like more information about the small group fitness, click here.

If you’d like more information about Precision Nutrition, click here.

Questions? Just let me know…