Get a Feeling ... for Kneeling

Don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a standing desk?

That's ok.

A lot of the benefits of standing can also be achieved with kneeling. Kneeling wakes up your stabilizer muscles, prevents your psoas and hip flexors from being in a chronically shortened position, and keeps your glutes active.

And, it's cheap!

Just shove that crappy desk chair aside, put down a cushion, and you're all set.  

You can add some variety by kneeling on both knees (tall kneeling), alternating knees (half-kneeling), changing the width of your half-kneeling stance, stretching your butt back toward your heels for a quick quad stretch, etc.

Knees can't handle it? 
Come see me, I've got some ideas for you.



Disclaimer: Kneeling may not automatically make you as buff as the fellow in this photo.  But it's worth a try!  (photo credit: Fundamental Strength)

This is cool, do you have any other tips to make my day at work feel less awful?

I sure do!  Check out the "Floor Living" event. It's not only free, but super fun.

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