NOTE: info below is for DNS 1 class.
More info on upcoming DNS 2 class coming SOON!

DNS EXERCISE 1 is coming back to ABQ!
*with an extra day of movement skills*

To register: Go the the "Appointments" page and select DNS Exercise Part 1.


Feb 15 - 17, 2019
Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Physical Therapy Board (NM): approved for 18 contact hours
Doctors of Naprapathic Medicine (NM): approved for 18 CEUs
Chiropractic Board (NM): approved for 18 CEUs
Occupational Therapy Board (NM): approved
for 18 CEUs
Note: If you need CEU for personal training, please let me know

Early Bird Pricing: $625 (ends Nov 30)
Regular Pricing: $695 (Dec 1 - Jan 31)
Procrastinator Pricing: $730 (after Feb 1)
**Plus, Prague School fee of 80 euros.**

Price covers all 3 days of instruction.  This includes all of DNS Exercise 1 material plus a bonus day of movement skills based on incorporating DNS into your movement practice. Things covered in the bonus day include:

  • Using DNS to prepare the athlete for optimal movement efficiency

  • Mobility Preparation - Foot, Hip, Thoracic Spine, Body Awareness

  • Breathing Exercises: Belts, bands (Tactical)

  • Individual Active Exercises/Developmental positions - (Prone and Supine)

  • DNS Movement Sequence / Starting from “Ipsilateral” - Supine / Starting from “Contralateral” - Prone

  • Workshopping through random sequences focusing on variability of movement.

  • DNS Flow sequencing: Running, Non-differentiated and Throwing sequence

  • Group workshop/workout programming

Special guest (and DNS certified personal trainer) Maggie Rintala will be assisting with the bonus movement skills day!  She's going to be an amazing addition to this class.

The "Czech" get up. Those of you with a sharp eye will notice a few differences between this and the Turkish Get Up.

The "Czech" get up. Those of you with a sharp eye will notice a few differences between this and the Turkish Get Up.


For those of you who attended DNS here last year:
Retake both days of DNS Exercise 1 *and* the bonus movement skills day: $350
Take just the bonus movement skills day (Sunday): $265 
Register early...price goes up at the end of the year.                

To register: Go the the "Appointments" page and select DNS Exercise Part 1.

Minimum attendance:

Who is the instructor?


Dr. Michael Rintala, D.C. has been part of the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour Sports Medicine Team since 2005. He is also a treating doctor for the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) and wide variety of other organizations ranging from Dance to Action Sports. 

He has been studying the principles and techniques of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization with Prof. Pavel Kolar since 2004. Dr. Rintala became a Certified DNS Practitioner in 2009, and he continues to pursue greater mastery of DNS concepts and manual skills and strives to help others achieve that goal as well.


What will be learned?
•Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of developmental kinesiology. 
•Describe the relationship between development during the first year of life and dysfunction of the locomotor system in adulthood.
•Discuss and demonstrate the basis of human movement: support, stepping forward, the biomechanics of motor function, the verticalization process & functional joint centration in postural development.
•Evaluate and correct poor respiratory patterns.
•Assess the integrated stabilizing system of the spine both visually and utilizing dynamic functional tests.
•Integrate corrective exercises based on the DNS functional tests and developmental positions in supine, prone, low kneeling, oblique sit, and quadruped global movements.
•Demonstrate how DNS corrective exercises can be integrated with other exercise strategies.

Who can take a DNS Exercise class?
Clinicians, trainers, coaches, exercise physiologists, kinesiologists, & body work therapists (chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc.).

Wait, what exactly is DNS?

No matter where in the world we are born, we all progress through the same developmental patterns (sagittal stabilization, prone propping, oblique sitting, rolling, tall kneeling, quadruped, squatting, crawling, etc.). 

Reconnecting with these patterns is incredibly beneficial not only for elite athletes, but for older folks, and even folks in pain.

I've taken Exercise Part 1 and Part 2 and found it incredibly easy to integrate into practice.  Patients really resonate with the patterns (as they should, they were born with them) and they find the homework to be fun (which helps with compliance). 

Here is a really great summary article:

7 Things You Didn't Know about Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization:

Or, just check out the DNS website:

Another thing I like about DNS:

They offer sport and condition specific classes:

Movement Flow prep for Athletes
Foot and running specific
Viscero-Somatic Patterns

as well as classes for clinicians with a medical background that focus on: 

developmental kinesiology
functional joint centration
integrated stabilizing system of the spine
reflex locomotion
respiratory patterns

and a whole series on Pediatrics.

To register: Go the the "Appointments" page and select DNS Exercise Part 1.


Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions at all. or (505) 948-3773.

I'm also happy to put you in touch with folks that took it last year to get their feedback.